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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Inside Our New Camper

Here are some inside pictures of our new camper. We love our camper! So far, it meets all our needs and still more than we ever expected to be able to get. We are now in Gulf Shores, Alabama, where we came for the National Shrimp Festival. We will be here a week then move on to another location. Boy, do we wish we could live this way. I miss my stamping and think about it a lot. Unless the mood passes, I plan to do a lot when I get home. For now, enjoy the pictures. Pictures of the run are in the 'Runs We've Been In' slide below. Yep, we both placed in the 10k!!


jeff and rebecca said...

Looks like you are really enjoying your new camper. I am so happy for you but will also admit my jealousy. While you guys were off vacationing, the rest of us low lifes were here working!!! Just kidding, I am glad you are having a good time. Tonight we are going to take our shift at the fair. Pray for us! Love you both and hope to see you soon!! Travel Safely!!

jeff and rebecca said...

Hey, I stole that black cat from you. I love to watch it on your blog. I had to copy it for myself. I hope you don't mind. How did you find it? Do they have other animals too?

itchsix said...

Your camper is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Sadly, I am living in one very much like it as a result of a house fire while I was in SLC for the Stampin' Up! convention. It is about to drive me crazy. We have been in it almost 11 weeks and have several more to go.

I had surgery several weeks ago, so getting out isn't much of an option. Thank goodness for what stamping supplies were salvaged and cleaned by the company. You would be surprise how much you can fit in!!! Of course, we don't have many of the usual things that you would take with you. Limited clothing, bedding, dishes, etc.

But we do have a golden retriever mix puppy and her cage is a tiny bit shorter in length that the sofa, so she gets the lion's share of the camper space!!!

I keep telling my husband I could really enjoy camping in this. But it will be a while before I would want to do it! By the time we get out of it the $$ paid to rent it by our insurance would make a very good down payment.

Enjoy it!!! It sounds like you will have many good memories from this!

itchsix said...
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