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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year and A New Achievement!

Today went great-eventually! When I got up at 4:30 this morning, I checked the read...31 degrees!!! Yikes! I thought as soon as the sun came up it would warm up a little. I mean, that's below freezing!! I couldn't believe I was about to run a race in this temperature...and it was longer than any I'd run before. All I could think of was "will I be able to move in this cold?"...not run. Reluctantly, I dressed and we left. Kent chose not to run in this one. The temperature still read 31 degrees when we left; so for about 3 hours it had not changed. I focused intently to run the best I could for 7.4 miles (12k) and not look back or beat myself up if I didn't do well. So off we go to the Steam Whistle Run on the Longleaf Trace in Hattiesburg.

We pulled into the parking lot early and several people were already there. Still cold, I went and signed in. I had already pre-registered or I probably would not have gone today. It was still and though the air was cold, it wasn't like it could have been had the wind been blowing. So I was thankful for that. The sun came out and warmed the air some and I could see a ray of hope in making this thing. I had donned 3 pairs of pants and 2 tops and by race time was able to remove the long outer pants.

The race began and I felt great. Moving through the cold air, my hands began to tingle and hurt some. All I could think about was, am I gonna get frostbit on a voluntary basis??? Then came the thought about how crazy I was to be there. For the first time, I felt like a true runner! They're all crazy and run in all kinds of weather. I'd not thought of myself as a "runner" before, but I think I can honestly say that I am now. Slowly, it warmed up and my hands stopped tingling. I didn't want to wear gloves because of clocking my pace on my watch and using my iPod. Watches and iPods don't respond well to covered up fingers! I enjoyed the run just fine. I began to push myself for the first time and ran a tad faster than usual. My breathing has never been labored, but I thought I would try running with a little more intensity than before. It went well to my disbelief. I loved the race. It was a beautiful day and for no other reason, why wouldn't I feel so blessed but to be out in it. Thank you, God!

As I came to the end and was crossing the timeclock, I noticed the time...I couldn't believe it! It read 1:07:18! Less than a week ago, I ran the same course plus a little further at 1:17; that means I ran 10 minutes faster! That's unheard of to improve that many minutes in so short a time. I was elated. Then I saw Kent at the end handing out the slips all runners complete to put on the board. I was so surprised. He had just been handed some to give out when I came through. Believe it or not, this meant something to me to have my husband not only support me, but be a part of my run. Thanks, Honey, you're so special to me!

I came in 35th out of 73 runners. As it turned out, I received 2nd place in my age group, running just behind Nancy P. again. The last race I ran, we both won first and second. I told her what an honor it was to come in so close to her and that I had only been running seriously since September. She was so surprised and said that she had been running for 27 years! She encouraged me and that meant a lot to me. Afterwards, we enjoyed black-eyed peas, cabbage and cornbread. This run was such a success for me in many ways. Mostly, to help me improve my stamina for my first half marathon. We received the best hooded sweatshirt ever! Thanks Pine Belt Pacers for a great run!


jeff and rebecca said...

Congrats on another great run!!! You are like Forrest Gump with all of that running you do! Just alot prettier!!!!

Robbie ... said...

Thanks! It was a lot of fun.
I have a lot more 'practice' to do for the long distance run the first of March. Right now, time is not as important to me as is the distance. Am getting nervous as I've not run 10 miles yet and the race is 13. Kinda scary to me right now. It is not the 'making it' that scares me but that I don't want to walk any of it - run the whole way. That's my goal, nothing else.

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