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"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Insights ...

It's funny how some people are comfortable with who they are. Some are quite arrogant in their ways in the face of others (whether good or bad). Some are just downright selfish and make no bones about it. And some people are quite critical when others don't respond the way they think they should. The time has past when it was of high integrity to show faith, humbleness and truthfulness as prime characteristics of a person. It is a pity. Lessons could be easier taught not because they had "gone down that road" but trusted the One and True God who brought them through rough times while living right, respect was highly, quietly bestowed and not demanded, and a man's word was an honor and not according to his circumstances.

I feel that you should NEVER be comfortable with yourself. Can you think of a time when you "have arrived" at a certain level or reach where you feel you should be, sitting back in your comfortableness (I think this is not a word but mine) not needing improvement on anything in your life? I'm not saying walk around with low esteem; but I am saying in order to have a healthy self esteem, you must walk humbly before the Lord and KNOW that you have a purpose...and it's not to do what you want or to have what you want or to be where you want...but to acknowledge that God has a reason for you to be right here at this moment. This purpose can change week-to-week, day-by-day and sometimes even hour-by-hour depending on how sensitive we are to His Spirit and His guidance in our lives (I'm not referring to the calls that last a lifetime). Once you've discovered your mission and obeyed Him, then it's on to the next thing He has so lovingly planned for you and only you to do. But whatever it is, remember that God can change when He wants and however He wants. He does not need our approval!

We must be oh so careful that we do not get caught up in the "doing" of our Christian work, but in the being. We are human beings, not human doings! Being humans we are born in sin with a tendency toward sin; but through the grace of God He touches our hearts to let us know that He loves us individually and wants to walk by our side. It is up to me to let Him do this!

Now, we must be careful when we blatantly "speak" for Him. I've heard people say that God says this or that flippantly and irreverantly; but I think unless God directs us to speak as such, we can lay claim on an issue speaking out of His untimely will and causing more damage than we may know. Remember, Satan knows Scripture better than we ever could but takes them out of context and/or out of His timing to present a case that betters himself. Some people even hurt others because they speak "truth" at an inopportune time or unacceptable manner and cause irrepairable damage to one's life. Oh, we must be so careful if we choose to "speak" for Him.

I know these are mixed up thoughts and they weren't laid out in publication form, I'll do better in the future; but I wanted to share what was on my mind with you. I have so much I want to say and will be sharing them from time to time. I thank God that He forgives us our mishaps and I pray He will bring those who choose to go their own way back to His fold soon. May we ever be mindful of Proverbs 3:5-7 to always acknowledge Him, regardless of our reasonings, so that He will be free to direct our paths.

I love you and may God be close to your side today.

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Peggy said...

You do not have to write like a scholar to share your thoughts and feelings so that you may encourage others to look deep inside and find a small seed to grow based on your words.
Very well said! TFS!

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