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Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's Happening

Our camper is STILL in the shop!! We are quite disappointed that it has taken over 5 weeks (so far) to get it repaired. When we called about it last week, the lady was so surprised to hear that they had had it for that long. She's been on vacation a lot this summer and wasn't there when we brought it in, nor when we called to check on it. Kent told her that he was going to pick it up next week that they had had plenty of time to get it ready and she said okay. With having it this long and it being a new camper, I think they should pay for that month's note.....what do YOU think?? I mean, it's only right since we cannot use it AND it's still brand new. that off my chest!

We are wanting to go camping so badly, we can hardly wait to get it back, even if it's for only a couple of nights. We are presently planning our next big trip this fall. Don't know if it's because of being camper-less or we like this new adventure of longer stays, but we're hoping to do another 3-4 week stay. I have a Stamping Retreat planned and we're going to tack on a longer stay either before or after it while we're gone. Tee-hee!! Big happy grin here!

My right hip seems to have gotten well and our running blog is updated with that information. Also, I was able to do a few card challenges this week and my stamping blog reflects that.

1 comment:

jeff and rebecca said...

I just cant believe that about your camper. That sounds just like something that would happend to me and Jeff. We are going to take ours up to the lot for sale this weekend. Pray that we sale it quickly for the price we need.

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