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Monday, April 19, 2010


We were so excited about going to Pensacola for a week and could hardly wait to get there. When we got to Lucedale, our truck began running very hot. There are no words to explain how we felt. We weren't close to halfway. When we stopped, Kent turned the gas on so the refrigerator would stay cold until we could get on the road again. We were in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness for Good Sam's Emergency Road Service Plan! We called them and they sent someone out in 30 minutes. After checking the truck over, the nice man left to go get the correct part. When he came back he said that they didn't have the part in stock and that it would be 3 days before they could get it in!! He had a couple of clamps that he put on tightly and said that he thought it might hold until we could get it fixed. We didn't know what to do...go home or continue to Pensacola. Not knowing whether "until we could get it fixed" meant in a couple of hours or when our trip was over, we decided to continue on and take our chances. Where is my stepfather?? He can fix anything! Thankfully, nothing else occurred and we made the trip there and back home without further incidents. Thank you, Lord! It had to be You that helped us.

Our Trip:
We had a wonderful time this week. Though we lean toward RV Parks, we stayed at Ft. Pickens Campground (for the first time) and really liked it. It had only been open for a month. One of the hurricanes that swept through the area tore up everything and they are just now getting the park open. This was the smaller section that we stayed in. The larger part of the campground will not be available for another month or so. We were about 50 yards from the beach! And the best part of it is that the cost was only $70 a week!! You just can't beat that. I mean who can stay ON the beach (Florida's beautiful sugar sands) for even one night at $70?? You can't. Who can beat camping? It's the best evah!!!

Everything was perfect except for the wind. It was very windy but with little to no humidity. We slept comfortably with the windows open every night. With the warmer temps and beautiful days, we could take the wind. The only thing was that it was practically impossible to lay out at the beach but we'll be back to the beach soon. I would rather have it this way than rain or cold. I'm so sick of both of those! See the wind here....this was taken after a race, so we weren't too pretty, ha!

Here are a few sunset pictures.

The area was very conducive to running. A couple of days we took the truck to the "Pensacola Ball" and ran to the Ft. Pickens' gate and back. It was a little short of 2.5 miles one way; not as long as I would have liked.

A few days we ran from our campsite, through the park, down to the fort, and to one of the Batteries. I don't understand all of this lingo but Batteries are all over.

Below is our camper in Site A7. It was VERY close to the trees. As a matter of fact, we couldn't let out our awning...but couldn't anyway because of the wind. The worse part was that the hard leaves from these two trees fell on the roof every night at 3:00 like clockwork for at least an hour! It was soooo loud it would wake you up and be difficult to get back to sleep. Our sleep was poor at this site. BUT we would go back just stay in a different site.

Here are a couple of pictures of the sunrise the day we left Ft. Pickens. There's nothing like sunrises and sunsets in a beach area!

Our camper just before we left. With the slide out, it extends to the left edge of the pavement. Here the slide is in, the bikes are on and Kent has unhooked the power. And a picture of us...We're ready to head back out on the road again.

The way I want to be every day..........

1 comment:

Peggy said...

Turkey!! Next time you come this close to me, give me a shout!! I would have come out and hung out with you at the beach for a while!!
Glad you made it to and from without any more incidents!

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