John 3:16

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blessings

From us to you...we hope you've had a blessed Easter today.

This has been a wonderful weekend! God is soooo good but, of course, it doesn't matter what I think, for He IS!! I'm so thankful that He reveals to us His goodness. That He allows us to bask in His blessings. That He opens our eyes in ways only our hearts can know. That He reveals the secrets of His ancient Word to us at appointed times and opens our understanding. He "wants" to have fellowship with us...yes, mere human sinners! I don't understand why. All I know is that He loved me before I began to love Him. He knew what I am capable of in my best and my worst. He knew that I would sin after I came to love Him and yet He still wants to hold me in His arms, draw me close to Him and say "it will be alright" confirming in my heart that He knew of my failure all along and sweetly says "I am glad you are back". The difference in people who are saved are that they are remorseful and regret those things they have "chosen" to do against God and others and those who are lost in their sins have no conscious, bask in their deeds and don't see a real need for a Savior. A true saved sinner hates their sin. We are all people for whom sweet Jesus died for. And, no, my friends, nothing can separate me from His love...nothing!

He lets me enjoy the smiles and giggles of children...nothing can lighten your heart like the joys little children express, the excitement that they just cannot contain. Christ says to come unto Him as little children and I think He wants us to be unaware of any condemnation of others, fear of being foolish, and just express the joy in our hearts for Him without any trepidation. When was the last time you opened your mouth and laughed like your heart really feels? As adults, we learn to "contain" ourselves. And when it comes to praising our wonderful God these things ought to fall away. Into your closet, I say, into your closet where you are at the most wonderful liberty to be who you really are in His presence. And when you exit, others will KNOW you have been in His presence.

There was an Easter Egg Hunt Saturday morning at the Park. The little ones were so cute. Carrying baskets bigger than they were and wearing their little sunglasses you couldn't help but put a smile on your face and become as a child as you watched in excitement when they would find an egg. Here are a few pictures I took. Hope you enjoy the moment it takes to look at them.

We began our morning early today. We arrived at the beach at 6:00 a.m. for the sunrise service. We got their early not knowing if there would be enough seats or places to park. Wearing our shorts and sandals with our Bibles in hand and sunglasses on our heads, we saw the beautiful beach with the Lord's presence all around us. Here is the sunrise.

There were about a couple hundred people that attended. We were amazed that so many showed up. They must have been Baptists because a chunk of them showed up right at the appointed time or a little later. There were hardly any seats left and many brought chairs.

After service was over, we headed back to the camper to change clothes and get to First Baptist for their early church service. I'm so glad we did! We love the music there and it didn't disappoint today. As a matter of fact, we thought the last song they sung could have ended service (well, not really)!! The church was full as it has been every time we've gone. Oh, my...the power of God filled the sanctuary! The message was good but all we can talk about was that beautifully inspired last song. Oh, yeah, the name of it is "Something's Happening". You MUST hear will bring you to your knees and your heart to God. Praise Him for this has truly been a glorious day!!

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