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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our New Camper!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

For some reason, I keep losing this post ... but I am determined to do this! So, here goes - again!) Kent and I have been dying to go camping like we use to. When he retired, we purchased our first camper, a Class C motorhome. We got a used one because we weren't sure we would like to camp and felt that we could sell it for what we paid for it. We fell in love with camping and kept it for 4 years. We sold it and purchased a brand new trailer. We had to purchase a truck at the same time, so the camper was not exactly what we 'wanted' ... and we had to settle on many things; but it was all new.

Shortly afterwards, we decided that we wanted to begin extended camping; that is, 3-6 weeks minimum stay. But God had other plans for us at this time. We both became very active in church and our commitments changed our desires for a while. (I began working in the church office quite a lot and then there was Day Camp. I love them both!) Our camping slowed down during this time.

This year, we began talking about camping more often and so the first week of June we sold the camper. We began making a list of things we wanted and needed in a camper in order to begin long term camping ... with the primary thing being that we could tow it with truck we now have. A couple of weeks ago, we began our camper 'shopping'. We went to several RV Sales in Louisiana and was headed to the last one with our hopes of getting a camper on this trip slowly dissipating. When we got there, I was not too enthused with what I saw. We talked with a salesman and found out that they had received a camper a couple of hours earlier and it was being serviced in one of their bays. After looking at it, I fell in love with it!! It met our wants and needs with the exception of a couple of things ... but there were more amenities than we expected. The compromise seemed to be workable.

After discussing it over, we decided to go for it. This past week we went to get our new 'baby'. We packed some things in hopes of staying a couple of nights in it before coming home. It was wonderful! Though most of this time was used in getting things we needed for it as opposed to relaxing, we consider it a successful camping trip.

We decided to place some calls to check the chances of getting a site for the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores. We had been on the "waiting list" for over a year at a couple of parks, but no signs of hope. Everywhere books up for the Festival up to 2 years in advance! The result ... our favorite place had one to come open! Yeah ... things are beginning to look up for us! Here are some pictures ... I'll take more inside when we go camping again ... until then, Giddyup ...


jeff and rebecca said...

Hey, LOVE the camper. We are so happy for you. I know that you two actually like camping way more than we do. I do normally really like it but this year has just been so non-stop!!! I think by the time we can get ours sold and start looking for what we really want, I will have a renewed love. I especially look forward to us going together again. Wasn't that fun??? It has been such a long time since we spent any time together. I hope we can do something soon! I love you!

Robbie ... said...

Thanks! The cool air really "lights our fire" to hitting the road. Of course, going to Gulf Shores is not exactly what you'd think of as a fall trip, huh? Can't wait to go with ya'll SOON! Want you to see the camper when it is in its full capacity mode. Love ya!

Robbie ... said...


(13 hours ago)
Thanks Robbie, Love your new camper.

Robbie ... said...

This time of year gives us camping fever too. We're going to Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving, but we're not taking our camper. We probably won't get in another camping trip this year. I love your new camper. I love, love, love the slide out with all the windows. That will definitely be something our next camper will have.

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