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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Great Navarre Weekend!

Yesterday was a great day! Not only was it beautiful but we experienced a great run as well. We participated in the 7th Fun Fest 5k Run at Navarre Beach. Actually, there were two full days of fun. On Saturday, the 25th Fun Fest began. The Run has only been around for seven years. There were artist's booths (real artists), food and entertainment. There were also many children's activities! All I could think about was how much the Day Camp kids would have loved being there! Have run across MANY things I wanted to do for the kids or take them on trips. Guess they'll always have my heart!! I love them so! Okay, back to 'real' life. Then at 9:30 p.m., the band stopped and the fireworks began. It was a perfect night...great temperature and watching a little boy dance soooo hard to the music was great. He was about 4 years old and never missed a beat for a couple of hours. He just couldn't be still and didn't even realize that HE was the entertainment for so many. Listen, this little boy was good!! I only wished I had had my camera because I would have had many pictures of him.

Sunday was the 5k Run. The day was gorgeous and the course was flat and fast. From the start, I saw a lady who looked like she might have been my age and we paced each other throughout - one leading, then the other, each consistently moving ahead until the very end. I gave all I had but finished right behind her. As it turned out, she was not my age but she was great for me as it made me push harder than I would have if she had not been close by. She found me at the end and told me how much I pushed her to run faster than she would have if I had not been there. I told her the same and we both laughed! We introduced ourselves and found that we had a lot in common. There was no intimidation or harshness like sometimes there is when running close; but she wanted to know if I was going to run in the Gate to Gate Race at Eglin AFB next weekend. She is from Niceville and I told her we would not be around. She really encouraged me to try to come, if not this year maybe next year. During the conversation, I found out Kathryn C. was younger. Her male friend with her was shocked when we were speaking of our ages...his mouth dropped and said he thought I was around 33!! I wanted to jerk him up and kiss him right in the mouth!!! And with the adrenaline he imposed on me, I believe I could have done it...WOW! What a compliment - though it did not equal the great honor of the win, it definitely will go into my mental bank as a huge deposit!

I was surprised to see as many children around 10 years old who participated in the 5k Run. And the little boy that danced his heart out Saturday night...I saw him cross the line!! I couldn't believe it. I asked his Dad how in the world could he have done this after such 'hard' dancing last night, he said that he had no idea! I thought of Will T. (someone precious to me) and how active he is. I so much want to get him to run in a race with me.

Here's Kent cooling off and waiting for the awards ceremony.

My time was 26:17. That's a 8:28 pace per mile...yippee! I won the Female Grand Masters award and was surprised! I was one of eight overall winners! Here I am receiving my award. [Kent took these pictures.]

Oh, and did I say that I also received a $25 gift certificate to a local running store?? What a prize!

Here is my award. It was handcrafted in clay by a local artisan. It is beautiful!

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jeff and rebecca said...

I have been having the hardest time getting on your blog lately!!! I am not sure what the problem is exactly. Anyway, hooray for you!!! That medal is beautiful! I would certainly keep that one and display it proudly not only as my award but also as a piece of art work!! Love and miss you both!

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