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Thursday, June 18, 2009


While getting ready to run this morning, I realized I had misplaced my running watch. It was used at the pool yesterday and was sitting on the table, but I guess it fell off the table or something when packing up to leave because it can not be found. Not too smart, I know.

After our run on the fantastic sidewalks early this morning, we took some Fishhawk Village pictures and are in the slide below. There is a great skateboard park! All I could think about is how much the Day Camp kids would love it! The Osprey Club is where we went swimming yesterday. In it is a large gym area and theater as well as several tennis courts. Across the street is an elementary school where they have Summer Camp for 2 weeks in June. The kids walk across the street to go to the pool at the Osprey Club. One of the pictures show how safe it is as there must be 100 or more bikes parked in the front. As a matter of fact, most all children walk or ride their bikes to school. There are many, many ponds throughout, some with pretty fountains in them. There is a small downtown area for village shopping. There is a large amphitheater where they hold free concerts every Friday night. Last week they had Jimmy Buffet. Most are known artists. There is a large area where water fountains shoot up from the ground. Kids love to play here. The odd building is actually a bathroom!! This gorgeous piece of architecture is a bathroom...Wow! Also, in this area is a sitting area where you can watch movies by a fireplace on the weekends.

Sidewalks wind throughout the neighborhood. There are many miles of them! Most of them are shady and all are wide. There is never a time that you do not see adults and children walking or riding bikes. No matter where you went, you could not find a blade of grass out of place and absolutely NO weeds. The grass is golf course quality; you sink down into it when you walk on it...BUT there are so many sidewalks, there's no reason for you to disturb the grass. I took pictures of a few of the homes. There are no words for Fishhawk - or anywhere we've been including Tampa. Everything is in order and spotless. Every single person we met on the trails or in a store were soooo nice and actually smiled because they want to!! As much as we've been around, we've never heard a cross word spoken to a child or a child to an adult. Absolutely NO disrespect, wild acting, or misbehavior! Pleasantville??? I'm not sure. But I can tell you this...we would love to live here!!!

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jeff and rebecca said...

This looks exactly like the Baytown resort in Destin, FL. Diane and I go there every year for our dental conference. They have their own everything. They even offer shuttle service from your home (for a monthly fee) to everywhere there. We never even moved our car. We would just call the shuttle car and it would take us across the community to the grocery store or shopping in one of the 3 shopping centers there. These communities must be the new hip thing. We loved it and think it is so cool. I too, would love to live there.

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