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Sunday, September 13, 2009


We participated in the JCJC (Jones County Jr. College) 5k Race yesterday held on their campus. It was different, at best. It was difficult for me as it seemed like I ran uphill the entire way until I got to the stadium where we ran almost a lap around the football field. This uphill tromp was hard on me and it seem to wear me down within the first mile and half. My time was horrible! Guess I met my challenge, huh?

There were over 200 participants! I knew there were a lot but couldn't believe that many were there. It was suppose to be 70% rain, but we only felt a couple of drops before the run started and no more. As it turned out, Kent won 3rd place in his age group and I won the Women's Grand Master! Beautiful fruit was served and it was real refreshing after a hard run. We really enjoyed the fellowship with other Pine Belt Pacers after the race which was a great way to end the morning.

First off are our awards. The first one is of the RRCA State Championship Grand Masters Award from the Labor Your Legs Run on Labor Day. I wanted a close-up picture of it as it is so pretty. (See the previous post for details.) I'm so proud of it and still can't believe I won it!! What an honor!

Here's Kent at the Awards Ceremony. Also, is a picture of his medal. I thought the stop watch embrazoned on it was real unique. Well, both awards were quite snazzy!

Here's me with my award and a close up picture of it.

Me & Neil...Grand Masters Winners

Us after the race

Candid Shot of some Great Pine Belt Pacer Runners

Janis, Charles and me

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