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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon

I feel like I want to write about the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon but am at a loss. So, I want to share my heart right now. It is a terrible, terrible thing. What started out with an excitement that can only fill a runner's heart wishing they could be there ended up completely devastated and appalled at the attack.

We had several friends that qualified to run in the marathon. That alone, my friends, is an amazing thing in and of itself. The time restraints put on each age group are tough!! So though you see thousands lined up to run, let me share that they worked very hard to qualify. Yep, they have to qualify to get in. In other words, you don't just sign up to run, you actually have to run a previous marathon, that is, a Boston Qualifier (BQ), not just any marathon. The marathon that you choose to run to qualify has to be certified and has been registered as a BQ event. It is after then that when the time comes to "register", you have to call as quickly as possible when the lines open. Just because you qualify doesn't assure you will get to attend. There is a participant limit!!! So, if you think that training for a marathon is tough, think about this. You train hard, run hard to meet the time requirements in a marathon to prove you are Boston-worthy, then have fast fingers to get in the lottery to be selected. Folks, it is TOUGH from the very beginning.

We watched on TV one of the greatest atheltic moments of the year...the Boston Marathon. I love to know the stories surrounding the elite runners. Whether it's their training or their life. It's always interesting to know what they have lived through, how hard they train and what motivates them. Though I'll never be a little bit like them, it always motivates me to push a little bit harder. The race was amazing and a good watch, down to the very end. I am very proud of the American racers, men and women. They did great!!

This year, I knew several people that had BQ'd and I was so excited for them. For the first time, I tracked several runners. It was exciting to think that when they got to certain points a text would come in telling me what point they were and their time and pace. As my texts began, excitement built. It was like I was right there cheering my friends on. I loved it so much and will definitely do this again. There were five people that I decided to track. The first two were very close to each other. One is from Ocean Springs, MS, and the other was from the Boston area. They are also the same ironic, huh, to not even know each other and they may have been standing side by side? As a matter of fact, they started in the same corral as their pace and time throughout the race was almost the same until the last few miles...but were still very close. They both finished under 3 hours...WOW!!! When the texts started, I noticed I wasn't getting info on two of the others. Waiting and waiting and no text throughout. Then I thought one must have gotten injured or something happened and he didn't race. He should have been coming in a little after the first two, by a few minutes. As it turned out, he ran but I just didn't get his tracking. At least, he wasn't injured and couldn't run. He and another friend of mine have run in the Boston Marathon a few times and this year they were sponsored by a local running store. Texts started coming in on her, Ginny, the second of the two who were sponsored. I was very excited about this and cheered her every time I received something. She's a good friend and an excellent runner and motivator. I just love her!! She encouraged me to do my first marathon. Then, out of the blue, I began receiving texts from someone I didn't know!! Why, I do not know since I got confirmation of the people I signed up for and she wasn't one of them. Still no texts from the fifth person. I knew she would be behind the others but still no info on her.

Then, it happened...bombs began exploding. As a matter of fact, it occurred not long after Ginny had crossed the line!! I was really worried not sure that maybe she was still standing around getting refreshment and such. I was so anxious to hear from her. Texted her and nothing...and nothing...and nothing!! Anxiety built. Then I heard where no cell phones were being used and some anxiety left thinking she will let someone know soon.

My worries turned to my fifth friend. Where was she and was she able to reach friends to let her know she was all right and where to find her. Since I wasn't getting texts on her I didn't know where she was in the race at this point. It wasn't long before something was posted on FB that she was all right. I was relieved. It was later that when she was able to access the Internet that I found out that someone had let her text that message so everyone wouldn't worry. She went through a lot, as did all of those who weren't allowed to finish the race and was ushered to another area. It was a terrible time for those 7,500 who were left!! Yes, there still were a LOT of people that had not finished yet.

It's so sad that someone cannot contain themselves but to find a way to hurt others that they do not know. There is no vindication on someone in particular but just plain old meanness. But this should be no surprise. Evil is present in this world and always has been and always will be. It bothers me when people begin to point fingers and say "why wasn't this caught"; my first impression is what will be the next thing that the common citizen will have to be put out for. Folks, meanness can't be prevented! It will happen and most can't be predicted or prevented. You just have to piece things together and heal and start anew as best as possible. The one thing that needs to be done is stronger punishment for these people! Not more restrictions on the millions that are good citizens! Why we continue to feed these criminals and care for them in prison, I do not know!! This is wrong!!! I feel a lot of things can be prevented but because the "wrong" have more rights than those that are good and live right is utterly beyond me. It's sad that the tables have turned and have made America more of a place for criminals, rather than for good citizens. Our taxes should be going to those that need help like the elderly and ill and to those that WILL work...NOT to those that will chose to do wrong again if and when they are released from prison...NEVER!!!

Our prayers go out to those families that lost loved ones and to those that were injured. Nothing can remove the sorrow and hurts that occurred. To live with devastation disabilities will be hard. And to think that this was done at one of the most athletic events, the Boston Marathon, it will be hard for some to pick back up. But I will tell you can't mess with runners...especially marathoners!! They have a resolve and persistence and the ability to push through pain that will pull them through. They WILL come back stronger than ever before. I believe next year's marathon will be greater and better than any before. Runners have a way to deal with upsets and tragedies better than the normal person. I do believe their answer is to get out, heal their pain, push on, and

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