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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh, These Hot Summer Days

Boy, is it hot here! You want to do nothing but stay inside with the air conditioner blasting right in your face. It's made running difficult at best and makes your 'want to' not want to!

We went to a friend's home to celebrate the 4th of July. It was really nice and the food was great. I think the smoked ribs were our favorite. They were so tender and delicious. There was so much brought to eat that hardly anything looked like a dent had been made into it when it was over! Rebecca had everything decorated so festive. The homemade ice cream was the 'icing on the cake' though. It sure was so refreshing and welcomed with the heat bearing down like it did. A new little baby graced our presence and she is so fresh and adorable. And can you believe it...she never cries!! Aint's she just the sweetest? Don't know which is smiling more Rylie or Bro. Jeff.

Here is our picture:

The following week we took our camper back to the dealer to get a few things repaired. The air conditioner gave us some trouble while in Tampa and this MUST be fixed!!! Of course, this is the primary job. On our way home, a very kind RV brother came up to us while we were getting gas and said that our bumper was coming off and the bikes were dragging the ground! What??? I've never heard of this happening before...and this is a brand new camper!! The bumper had come unwelded on BOTH ends of the camper and had almost torn completely off. It looked to be rusted and this bothered me greatly. Again, this is a new camper and NOT cheap!! Needless to say, this is another primary reason to take the camper back in. What do you think of the pictures? See the rust?

When we dropped the camper off, we continued on to see my parents. It was so good to visit with them. We went to eat at Panda Palace which we decided is our favorite Chinese restaurant now. We rode in a beautiful yellow vintage convertible cadillac which Pop completely restored. [He's the greatest at these things!] It was so cool!! I loved how the wind blew in my hair; just so free! Don't know how we looked to others, but I pictured how it would look if we were looking at someone else...and that would have been envy to the nth degree!! My greatest regret is that we didn't take a picture of us while we were in it...never crossed our minds. Oh, well, we'll have to get one the next time we're there. While we were eating, I saw a good friend I use to work with at the Power Company. Joe, an electrical engineer, filled us in on what was happening in his life now. It was so good to see him. He was promoted several years ago to the Coast Office. I enjoyed working as his Engineering Assistant. Great guy and overall a great visit!
Here's a picture of Pop and Mom:

And, here I am with my favorite Mom - tee-hee!!!

1 comment:

jeff and rebecca said...

Good pictures! I hope we get to go somewhere next weekend.

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